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Agro City is one of the leading exporter companies in Egypt with seven years of experience in exporting fruits, citrus and vegetables. We adhere to safety and quality standards at all stages as the company holds the ISO Certificate 9001:2015. We export our products to Saudi Arabia, India, China, Malaysia, Russia, etc.

Online, you can easily select the type of citrus that you want to import, the variety, size, shipping method, and the time of shipment arrival.



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Office 1, Horreiya mall, above QNB Bank, Sadat City, Egypt. zip : 32897


We transport fruits, citrus, and vegetables by sea and air and deliver them carefully for our clients worldwide.

We maintain the quality of our products by storing them at a temperature below 0.0c (32F) for two weeks and stored at a cold temperature from 0.0C to -2.2C (32F – 36F) during the shipping process.

We use cartons, bags, punnets, and plastic boxes in packaging our products to ensure that we protect them from getting rotten over the transporting process.


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