Import Different Varieties For Many Types of Fruits

In Agro City, we seek to export top-quality of the most popular fruits in the world. Shipping fruit service is available the whole year. The clients can freely select the package’s weight they want while ordering, in addition to a specific variety of each fruit, according to the cultivation and harvest season of every type.


Our Trading Map of Fruit Products


Import And Export Fruits Products

Exporting fruit is the second type of product we provide in Agro City. In Egypt, fruit production exceeded 10 million tons in the last years. We export more than one type of fruit annually. The exported types are grapes, mango, strawberry, pomegranate, and semi-dry dates.

Fruits are one of the major sources of vitamins, minerals, fibres, and antioxidants. These nutrients are essential for body, skin, and hair health.



Grapes are one of the most prominent fruits we export in Agro City, with all of its varieties. We pack them in punnets with cartons to maintain their quality and protect them from all harmful factors outside throughout the shipping process.

Grapes’ colours vary from green, red, and black, and their sizes range from 20 mm to 27 mm, as their sizes are small to large.



We export grade 1 quality of all mango varieties in different sizes. Each variety of this fruit has particular times of harvest.

Mangoes’ colours are green, yellow, and a light shade of pink. Their sizes range from 60 mm to 160 mm in length and 50 to 130 mm in width.



We export in Agro City most of the strawberry varieties. They are packed in punnets to guarantee secure packaging throughout the shipping duration.

The main and most common colour of this fruit is red, and the other colours are pink, white, and yellow. Strawberries’ sizes are from short-conic to long-tonic, ranging from 0.9 to 1.4 inches in diameter.



We start to export pomegranates directly after harvest season for a limited time. The various sizes of this fruit are available for shipping.

Pomegranate is known for its dark pink inside and red colour outside. The size of the fruit ranges from 3 to 5 cm (1.2-2 inches).

Semi-Dry Dates

Semi-Dry Dates

We also provide in Agro City semi-dry dates in different tons of containers. The product is packed safely in strong boxes throughout the exporting process.

Semi-dry dates are different from fresh dates, they have lower levels of moisture. Many methods are used to dry them such as exposing fresh dates to the sunlight directly.

The colours and shades of this fruit are light brown, dark brown, and black. As for the size, it ranges from 2.5 to 4 cm.

Main Features Of Agro's Fruits Products

Fair Prices

We seek to provide our clients with the best fruit products at affordable prices.

Superior Products

From the harvest process, we care to select the fruits with the highest quality, which are hassle-free.

Safe Storing

We store our fruit products safely at suitable temperatures before and during the shipping process.

International Shipping

Exporting fruit products in Agro City is not only for one country, but also worldwide in Asia, the Gulf, and Europe.

Fresh packages

Before we export the products, we check the quality of the products to ensure we deliver fresh fruits.

Credible Farms

As our principle is honesty, we seek the highest quality of fruits by picking them from the finest farms.

The Best Production From Our Factory

We depend on upgraded machines to equip the greatest amount of fruit products with high-quality and safe packaging.

Besides the automated process of handling the products, we have highly skilled workers who work on sorting, mobilising and packing tons of fruits.

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