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Picking the superior vegetables that we export in Agro City is our priority to meet our client’s demands for delivering top service. You can set the order you want by selecting the variety of the available ones, in addition to the available weight and sizes.


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Vegetables Products

It’s our job to supply the most popular types of vegetables. They are widely cultivated and exported in Egypt alongside fruits, and the production of the cultivated crops is over 20 million tons annually. Currently, we export five types of these products, which are garlic, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Vegetables are rich in nutrients that are beneficial for health such as vitamins and minerals. They are eaten fresh, cooked, and pickled.

Garlic From Egypt


We work on providing different types of garlic in Agro city to meet our customers’ needs. Garlic is packed in plastic boxes while being transported as we store them securely and carefully.

Garlic has different colours which are white, yellow, green, and black. The cloves come in various sizes, from small to extra-large, ranging from one inch to 1.25 inches in length.

Onions products from Egypt


We export onion products in various diameters of each variety. Onion is among of common vegetable crops that are cultivated in Egyptian farms.

Onions come in different colours including red, golden, and green. Also, they come in different sizes, which range from less than one inch to more than 4.5 inches in diameter.

Agro City is the Top Exporter and Importer Of Egyptian potatoes In Egypt​


Export potatoes in Agro City can be done at any time of the year. The client can choose the required size for each type of potato product.

Potatoes commonly come in yellow, the other unpopular colours of them are red, purple, and white flesh. Potatoes’ sizes range from less than 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches in diameter.

Sweet Potatoes from egypt

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato products are available in different weights. They are packed in bags carefully and safely. The export of this product is available throughout the year.

Sweet potatoes come in a variety of colours. Purple is the most common colour and the others are orange, yellow, and brown. Their diameters are less than one inch to more than 2 inches.

Agro City - Top Exporter & Importer Of Carrots In Egypt​


Our clients import superior products of carrots of different weights. We ensure that they are safely stored by packing them in bags and tightly closing them before shipping.

Carrots have five main colours, which are: orange, red, purple, white, and yellow. They come in small, medium, and large sizes. Their sizes range from 5.1 inches to 6.5 inches.

Main Features Of

Affordable Cost

Our priority is not only premium quality vegetables but also to sell them at cheap prices.

The Finest products

After harvest, we sort the top of the vegetables to ensure we export first-quality.

Long-term Freshness

From land to hand, we keep the freshness of our vegetable products for a long time to ensure that we export the best quality.

Healthy Packaging

We focus on delivering the finest vegetables that are safely stored and packed in hygienic conditions.

Multinational Markets

Vegetable products are also available for globally exporting. As Agro City has international markets in far eastern countries.

High-quality Farming

Premium vegetables come from the finest farms that contain organic compost, suitable weather, fertile soil, updated equipment and highly-qualified farmers.

Top Products Come From Automated Production

Modern technology is another secret of our success in Agro City. We produce daily bulk quantities of vegetables by using the newest machines after harvest till the packing.

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