Highest Quality From Nature’s Heart

We specialize in exporting the finest fruits, citrus and vegetables to our clients all over the world. We select our products from the top farms with high standards of hygiene and safety.
Fresh and Always fresh!

Always Freshly Packaged and Exported

We’re dedicated to exporting fresh products of fruits, citrus and vegetables, as we keep them top-quality and healthy, which are free of hassles and fresh from harvest to shipping.
Fresh & Always fresh!

Who are we?

Agro City is one of the leading exporter companies in Egypt with seven years of experience in exporting fruits, citrus and vegetables. We have global markets in China, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

We adhere to safety and quality standards at all stages as the company holds the ISO Certificate 9001:2015. We export our products to Saudi Arabia, India, China, Malaysia, Russia, etc.

Providing superior products in safe packages is our goal as we strive to satisfy the customer's needs.

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Agro City Manufactory

We provide the best service from our factory. To make sure that we produce the highest quality of our products, we use the latest machines from the sorting stage till the packing process.

The fruits, citrus, and vegetables are cleaned, sorted, and sized automatically, and then packaged appropriately.

Our Trading Map


Importing And Exporting Citrus Products From Egypt


We export and import oranges from Egypt and to any country in the world. With the highest quality in winter and spring.


We import and export from Egypt many varieties of lemon worldwide in the seasons of winter and spring.

Export and import Grapefruit from Egypt


Our citrus products include grapefruit, which is available from winter to spring. We export and import Grapefruits from Egypt.

Importing And Exporting Fruits Products From Egypt


Pomegranates are packaged and shipped only in the autumnal months. We provide you with the best products imported from Egypt.



White, red and black seedless grapes are the main types of grapes that we export to the clients imported from Egypt.



Strawberries are exported in the winter and spring seasons. All varieties are available for shipping imported from Egypt.

Importing And Exporting Vegetable Products From Egypt



Both red and golden onions are the main types we export in Agro City, with different diameters.


We ship different weights, sizes, and diameters of garlic packages for all the available varieties.



We package and ship various types of potatoes in winter and summer.

Why You Must Admire Our Services!

Best Prices

Our customers can import bulk quantities of fruits and vegetables at competitive prices.

Secure Packaging

We maintain the quality of products throughout the transporting process by storing them safely and carefully.

Global Shipping

Agro City exports fresh products all over the world, in Asia, the Gulf, and Europe.

Premium & Fresh Products

We take care to produce products of first quality by initial and first sorting in our manufactury.

Various Products

We ship over ten superior products of fruits, citrus, and vegetables with different varieties.

Trusted Farms

We guarantee that we sell products of high quality by picking them from healthy farms, which are free of germs and harmful pests.

Products Handled Automatically

In Agro City, we utilise updated technologies to ensure that we deliver high-quality service for our clients.

We use OPP basins for washing the products, machines for first sorting and waxing, in addition to sizer machines and packing basins. All the stages are also completed by our highly-qualified workers.

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Since Agro City's founding in 2015, we have been working hard to meet all our customer’s needs and demands by maintaining high standards of product quality based on our principles of commitment, expertise, and honesty.

Product quality is our top priority

It's our commitment to safety standards at every stage of production, as well as selecting, sorting top-quality products and using the newest machines for handling the products.


Credentials And ISO

Agro City Company Profile

Agro City is an export and import company in Egypt. We have an extensive experience in working with the big companies across the globe. Below is the link to download a PDF version of our company profile.

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Brands Trusted Agro City


We transport fruits, citrus, and vegetables by sea and air and deliver them carefully for our clients worldwide.

We maintain the quality of our products by storing them at a temperature below 0.0c (32F) for two weeks and stored at a cold temperature from 0.0C to -2.2C (32F – 36F) during the shipping process.

We use cartons, bags, punnets, and plastic boxes in packaging our products to ensure that we protect them from getting rotten over the transporting process.

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Since Agro City's founding in 2015, we have been working hard to meet all our customer’s needs and demands by maintaining high standards of product quality based on our principles of commitment, expertise, and honesty.